Sustainable Chocolate

All our cocoa is certified by UTZ, the largest cocoa sustainability program in the world, with a balanced approach considering people, planet and profit in equal measure. Deforestation, poor soil fertility management, aging tree stocks are threats to the sustainability of cocoa farming and forests that are vital to the planet. At the same time farmers are faced with poor labour conditions and low income which puts their livelihood and willingness to continue to grow cocoa at risk.

Through tackling deforestation, training farmers on better agricultural practices for higher crop yield, helping farmers deal with climate change and ensuring a premium on cocoa beans, chocolate can be grown in a way that our pleasure does not come at the detriment of others or the planet.

UTZ Certified

No Palm Oil

Palm oil is extremely harmful on the environment. To keep up with the incredibly high demand for this cheaply produced oil found in many foods, acres of rainforest are being cut down as older trees are too high to gather the fruit used to make palm oil – leading to a loss of animal habitat for endangered species from orangutans to rhinos, elephants and tigers. Choctaw chocolate do not and will never contain palm oil.

No Palm Oil

Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper is an initiative from the Woodland Trust, an international conservation charity patroned by Sir Richard Attenborough. Carbon balancing means where the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either prevented from being released into, or is absorbed from, the atmosphere. This balance is achieved through the purchase and preservation of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance.  In these protected forests, carbon is locked that would otherwise be released; the forests are then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This is now recognised as one of the swiftest ways to arrest the rise atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects. Since its launch in 2013, the Woodland trust has balanced more than 153,000 tonnes of CO2 and preserving 13,140 acres of ecologically endangered land.

Compostable Film

We pledge that our chocolates will never be packed in plastic that harm our planet and its animals. Our truffles are contained in a bag made from a compostable bio-film made from renewable resources.

Compostable Film

Forest Stewardship Council Packaging

Our boxes comes from paper produced from well-managed forests where compliance with legislation, respect for local use rights, maintenance of the ecological functions of the forest and its biodiversity, economic viability, an adequate management plan and monitoring of operations are followed.

Forest Stewardship Council