Our Story

Choctaw Tribe

Choctaw, named after a Native American tribe whose food, clothes and homes were plant based, is inspired by one of its many legends.

Once upon a time humans, plants, and animals lived in equality and harmony. When man became aggressive and ate some of the animals, the animals invented diseases to keep human population in check. The plants remained friendly, however, and offered themselves not only as food to man, but also as medicine, to combat the new diseases.

Choctaw chocolates was created in 2018 by Anne Weyns, the founder of Artisan du Chocolat, who has decades of experience in crafting the finest chocolates.

“I have been a vegetarian for many years and I became vegan in 2017 for many reasons: health, environment and of course my love of animals, overall to leave a lighter footprint on this planet and all of its creation.  As a chocolate lover and someone who works with chocolate all day, I was frustrated that I could no longer eat my beloved salted caramels and treat myself after a long day to indulgent melt-in-the-mouth truffles. So I decided to start experimenting with new recipes using soya milk, rice milk, shea, and coconut butter. After a few months, Choctaw was born and I am very proud of our first intense dark and salted caramel truffles. They taste fantastic.

I look forward to creating many more vegan friendly chocolates and offering vegans an array of choice in fine chocolates from bonbons and truffles to assorted boxes.”